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2.5 Ask The Maker pt. 1

dixon requested both of these tutorials! Each one is under it's own cut, I hope these are somewhat useful (or, dunno, show you how crappy I am at organizing stuff even in my iconmaking process)

I started out with this cap of Clara, and per usual, I used a curve layer on screen to lighten it up a bit

BELOW this curve layer, I've used a photofilter layer with the basic "warm filter 85" at 37% to make it a bit more natural in colours, I then resized it and pasted my edited caps on to of all layers.

Next stop wat to make the background dull, I've used a gradient map with these colours here and left it on normal, I masked Clara away since she's going to be orangish

Used this #f76402 orange on soft light to make Clara stand out (mask away the background)

Made another solid colour layer, with #e1a983 and left it on multiply to make her darker (and more vintage-y)

Then I used a basic black/white layer (from the panels, in CS6 there's this option, it should be between color balance and photofilter) and without editing it I set it on soft light

At this point, I've used this midnightroad texture on screen then duplicated it once more and lowered the second one opacity to 50%
Added a vibrance layer boosting up both vibrance +56 and saturation +7

A brigtness and contrast layer on normal -5/+53

Contrasted my icon with these setting (I never change these, I only lower the opacity of my contrasted layer or mask away if it's too pixelated)

And last thing I did, I drew a pattern with the lazo tool over her eyes, using multiple lines and angles and then copied what was selected on a new layer and moved it around a bit, this is what my selection looked like!

And you're done!

Sorry, I don't have the original cap for this one (or better, I probably do have it, but I don't remember from wich episode it is and I really loathe going throuh 5900 caps for episode, so forgive my laziness!)
This is where my starting point was:

I'm pretty sure I've used smart blur to make it look smother, I honestly don't remember the setting of it, but, you know, go for what looks smooth enough!

First gradient map layer, two colours from left to right: #590a2d and #79af7b set on soft light

Duplicate it and set it on screen lowering the opacity as you please (I have a thing for 52% apparently)

Duplicate it once more (yay) and set it on Darken this time pushing the opacity up to 61%, it gives a green tint on her skin

A black and white layer (always the one between color balance and photofilter on CS6) with these numbers in order: 40/60/40/60/20/80 and set it on soft light

With a soft brush and some brownich colors (and some white I'm sure), I've painted part of her face to make it stand out a bit more from the shadows, I also redrew her eye

Gradient map: from left to right #30211f and #d1a481 set on darken

I then used a flame stock I've got years ago from resurgere on deviantart, THIS PACKAGE:http://resurgere.deviantart.com/art/Package-Blaze-8-106115879, I used the one that blended well with her features trying to make it look like she's on fire

A vibrance layer boosting the vibrance up to 100

A brightness/contrast layer to deepen the shadows: 12/37

Contrast as you please, I've used the same setting shown in this image:
and you're done once more!

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